mac os x + 12c thin client

mac os x + 12c thin client

Sometimes it’s time to upgrade. So the I decided to add the oracle 12c thin client to my mac a couple of weeks ago. Yes I know, I was very happy with the oldy-but-goodie 10g version, but ok.

The 12c instant client is very easy to install. I remember it took quite some time to install the 10g version, so happy about that. Unzipping the zipfiles, 2 symlinks and then a bit personal config in my .profile. So far so good.

But as soon as I started to use it, I was unable to connect to databases which had the SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON parameter on true (the default) and I recommend keeping it that way. 2 weeks ago Oracle released a new version of their instant client and this problem is fixed!
The error which was thrown to you was:

So if you encounter the same, check if your client was released before 14th of june 2016.
Only thing which still bothers me is that the thin client is missing a tnsping utility.

It works if you copy it over from the 10g version, but it’s not that nice.


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