First POUG conference

First POUG conference

I could create a very short blogpost summarising this first POUG conference: AMAZING! But as this marvellous event deserves what it deservers, I’m going to write a little post about it, as a way of saying thank you!

Poug: it’s a word with double meaning. Intentionally it would stand for Poland Oracle User Group but thanks to Kamil (@ora600pl ) and his team it was turned into Pint with the Oracle User Group.
I met Kamil only at UKOUG Ireland this year where he revealed his plan. Philippe Fierens (@pfierens) and I were enthousiast immediately: count us in. Some weeks after … “Hi guys, we made it, we are expecting you”. Great news!

While composing this blogpost, I realised that I should take more pictures during conferences. Memo to self! Here we go.
We were arriving on thursday rather late so unfortunately we missed the speakers dinner. Anyhow … at friday morning the conference started.


2 Kamil’s opened the conference by “explaining” the rules. So meaning that we have to adapt and that water is meant for bacterias, so we should go for the beers. It’s the first conference on which we actually we’re encouraged to drink beer as a speaker! This looks like a good start.
It was a rather good amount of people who showed up. If I need to guess, it must be around 150 people who were traveling to Warsaw for this nice event. In summary, this is a great start and more great things to come.

The first session I attended was from Jim Czuprynsky (@JimTheWhyGuy) . It was titled: “DBA, Heal Thyself: Five Diseases of IT Organizations and How to Cure Them”. Such an interesting talk with lots of truth in it. Jim was telling so full of passion and enthusiasm, a session never to forget.

Heli Helskyaho from Finland  (  )  ,it’s easier to spell her name as to pronounce it 😉 , had a extremely interesting session about how and why you should use sql developer and showed us a huge amount of useful tip&tricks you could do with it. Lots of thing I even didn’t know that were possible with this product. If you ever have the chance to attend one of her sessions, please go! You won’t be disappointed.

poug_beers_and_ivicaNext topic I chose was the session about parallellism from Ivica Arsov. I was very interested in it as parallellism in 12c is a rather complex mechanism. Notice the nice choice of Polish beers we had the opportunity to choose from.

After lunch it was our turn, we talked about the ovm implementation on exadata. It was nice to have such an interested audience, really a joy to speak for. Thank you POUG and attendees.
Our successor was Kiran Tailor ( ) with a very interesting session about exalytics. As we have a customer with exalytics it was EXTREMELY interesting to hear this.

poug_only_one_drinkWe closed the evening with really “only one drink” each. But it was an amazing party. It was called a party, but a far better name should be appreciation event. Check also this link from Robin




After a long short night, mmm you get the picture 🙂 , a lot of people turned up for Neil Chandler’s session. Ok it started at 10:50h but a full room, and all attentive on Neil’s talk why the optimizer from time to time decides to go his own wrong way. Useful hints, tips and tricks. Actually a presentation you should see and make sure every dba should have seen this!

poug_multitierJoze Senegacnik (@joc1954 ) took over by opening the CBO’s black box and then you understand why sometimes it can be more the box of pandora instead. Fortunately the parallels to “normal life” weren’t far away and pretty well illustrated. No further comments on this one.

“You should use sql” (or at least pl/sql) were the words of a small man in size, but a great man for all the rest. An marvellous speaker. Ladies and gentleman: Martin Widlake ( ) ! He had an EX-CEL-LENT talk over how to use (pl)sql to use loading data into a database. Everybody agreed on “row-by-row slow-by-slow” and very good tips which can be implemented very easily and give you lots of advantages. Thanks Martin!

This block of text, I’m borrowing from my friend Kiran on his blog entry . I can’t write it better, so I’m going to give you the block of text about the afternoon:

Once we had consumed our lunch we had our final session of the day ‘#DBADEV,Bridging the gap between development and operation table’ This was a panel session with Sabine @oraesque, Martin @MDWidlake, Philippe @pfierens, Neil @ChandlerDBA, Piet @pdevisser and Erik @evrocs_nl. I think most people would be able to say something in this area, I am always fighting with developers :-). What a great way to end the conference.

I should actually continue copy/pasting as the lunches, dinners, breakfasts Kiran and I enjoyed together. It was just epic!

This conference was

  • extremely well organized
  • on a fabulous location
  • equipment/food/drinks/beers/… were plenty and excellent
  • fantastic attendees

It was so nice to meet so nice people in such a positive and stimulating environment.
Dear organizers, I would like to say special thank you for having us. It was the first edition, but it was FANTASTIC! Thank you so so so much.


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